Our Philosophy

Many people have asked about our philosophy, but we’ve never just had one. For a long time, we have pondered over what our philosophy is. We don’t want to tell people the same picture-perfect story that many others already use as life isn’t perfect, nor always beautiful. So today, we tell a story. 

Even after many years of working with designers, we are surprised that seemingly simple designs with seemingly simple purposes require hours of hard work to make the product the way it is. The amount of thought these designers put into their products to make them as creative and practical is unimaginable. 

When we encountered the farms that we source from today, we were touched by how deeply connected the farmers were with the land. How much they protected the land, how much care they put into looking after the land, their crops and when extracting oil. They put passion and years of hardship into perfecting the art of extracting oils, returning it to its most basic elements and because of this we cherish every drop of essential oil we receive. 

Recently, the pandemic has also enlightened us. Amidst the high and lows of life throughout these challenging times, our will, perseverance, and resilience continuously move us forward towards a brighter future. 

All of this only makes us believe more in ourselves and the world around us. 

So, we reached a conclusion. Our philosophy is simple. Everything, despite how simple or complex they appear to be, requires thought and passion. 

We hope to empower you to take care of your spiritual wellbeing with the well intentions and thoughts we put into our products.