Smell: The Sense that Keeps Us Connected

Smell: The Sense that Keeps Us Connected

Ancient Egyptians believed that spiritual "food" could be ingested or absorbed through their senses. Among them, what is valued is the sense of smell and the ability to distinguish taste, which mainly comes from the sense of smell, which can increase the "internal frequency" of the human body and transform it.


Modern science believes that the sense of smell has a fast and direct transmission effect on the human brain and is not affected by other factors such as language or thinking, which echos the ancients' perception that smell is an important sensory system. Taste molecules can be transmitted directly through the nasal cavity and through the sensory system to the brain, affecting mental, psychological, physical and behavioural, including: appetite, emotion, emotion, happiness and memory.


Modern people now live in high-pressure, noise and pollution filled environments that cause the body and mind to become unbalanced easily. This kind of " subconscious health" of the body and mental spirit has quietly attacked people.


Today's soil has become very barren due to the overexploitation of human beings. The nutrients and mineral components absorbed by plants from the soil are far worse than those of the ancient times. Coupled with the results of industrialisation, people continue to develop chemically synthesised essential oils, etc., and various factors have led to many uncomfortable symptoms in modern people.


"SimpelHaus" follows the wisdom left by the old ancestors and believes that people must coexist harmoniously with nature. Human body, heart and spirit are a series of closely combined energy streams. When they exist in a resonant state, it is in harmony with heaven, earth and everything. We have carefully and personally selected our essential oils, hoping that you can enjoy the aromatic atmosphere, and achieve a new all-round health experience.

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